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Number 5 (2007)

Dymkowski, M. (2007). On the universality of theories in social psychology

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Maciej Dymkowski
Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Wrocław Faculty

According to social constructionism, social psychologists do not formulate universal theories because people conform to culturally and historically changeable influences, and the phenomena and processes investigated by social psychology are specific and unique. In opposition to this position, a case of a fully universal theory is analyzed, as well as examples of several other theories that are – in the light of research outcomes, especially of the cross-cultural comparisons – only historical generalizations, or their universality is incomplete. Possibilities are discussed of separating time and space limitations from the theories with the help of: 1. identification of the described commonalities’ universal determinants; 2. ad hoc formulation of more general assertions; 3. indication of new relations between theories.
Keywords: universality of theory, historical generalization, social constructionism

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Dymkowski, M. (2007). On the universality of theories in social psychology. Psychologia Społeczna, 5, 249-261.
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