Number 5 (2007)

Rudnicka, P. (2007). Patterns of internet activity among students.

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Patrycja Rudnicka
Institute of Psychology, University of Silesia

This article presents characteristics of internet activity and their psychological determinants among students. Four groups of users, differing with respect to temporal and quantitative patterns of activity, were identified with the help of cluster analysis. The largest group were users whose activity can be described as balanced, followed by a group of heavy users and by two groups with limited activity due either to restricted internet access or to an unwillingness to use the internet. Results of statistical analysis showed that the four groups differed significantly on demographic variables and on psychological traits such as self-efficacy, internet and computer anxiety, and attitudes towards the internet.
Keywords: anxiety, attitudes, digital divide, internet, patterns of use, self-efficacy

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Rudnicka, P. (2007). Patterns of internet activity among students. Psychologia Społeczna, 5, 214-224.
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