Number 9 (2008)

Świeży, M. (2008). Does "scientific" mean "effective"?

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Maciej Świeży
Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University

The text comments on an article by Witkowski and Fortuna. Its main focus is on reconstruction and discussion of some statements regarding the relation between scientific character and effectiveness of psychotherapy and self-development techniques. The author points out that effectiveness and adhering to scientific standards are separate categories and that comparable levels of effectiveness are ascribed to therapeutic approaches with different levels of scientific justification. The author suggests combining responsibility for the quality of knowledge presented to the public with openness toward investigating grounds of effectiveness of “non-scientific” therapies and self-development techniques.
Keywords: psychotherapy, self-development, science

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Świeży, M. (2008). Does "scientific" mean "effective"?. Psychologia Społeczna, 9, 370-371.
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