Number 1 (2006)

Łukaszewski, W. (2006). The psychology of virtual actors

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Wiesław Łukaszewski
Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Sopot Faculty
Wojciszke and Baryła have presented a series of interesting and mostly theoretically justified hypotheses. Unfortunately, due to low external validity of their research, it is very hard to assume that these hypotheses were confirmed. Some of the presented theses are questionable; this mainly refers to the beliefs that (a) traits associated with morality have no influence on self-esteem; (b) when performing an action, the goal of that action is somewhat less important; (c) others are members of one`s own social group.
Keywords: paper-and-pencil methods, external validity
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Łukaszewski, W. (2006). The psychology of virtual actors. Psychologia Społeczna, 1, 64-66.
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