Number 22 (2012)

Drogosz, M. (2012). Inflation of ideas in the contemporary science

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Marek Drogosz
Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities

The article discusses phenomena in the world and Polish psychology which could boost Diederik A. Stapel and other researchers as well (including Polish ones) to commit frauds. They include 1) prevalence and acceptance of frauds in some circles of scientific community; 2) perceiving psychology not as a real science and therefore acceptance of manipulation of data and free interpretations; 3) enormous growth of published research which makes it impossible to become familiar with the full scope of any domain and which makes hard to judge the quality of the research; 4) bad condition and historical burden of Polish science.

Keywords: acceptance of frauds in science, ‘uncertainty’ of psychology, rapid growth of publication number, bad condition of Polish science

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Drogosz, M. (2012). Inflation of ideas in the contemporary science. Psychologia Społeczna, 22, 224–226.
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