Number 9 (2008)

Parzuchowski, M. (2008). On the ineffectiveness of provoking distrust

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Michal Parzuchowski
Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty in Sopot

Witkowski (2009, this issue) accomplished a successful hoax publishing an article in the popular science magazine “Charaktery” that reviewed a bogus therapy that readers found interesting and believable. This commentary approaches the debate from two standpoints: 1) hoax type of provocations should be addressed to a critical reader; 2) provoking readers’ distrust does not help them choose an efficient therapy. The described provocation is discussed in relation to therapeutic choices by oncology patients.
Keywords: distrust, pseudo-therapy, oncology

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Parzuchowski, M. (2008). On the ineffectiveness of provoking distrust. Psychologia Społeczna, 9, 362-365.
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