Tutorial for Authors

Submission Process

Papers submitted to Social Psychological Bulletin must use the online submission system.

Language and Amount of Text

Papers must be written in English using high standards of writing. There are several language editors available but when translating directly from Polish we recommend using Anna Studzinska, Ph.D. (website). Papers that show poor level of English may be disqualified without review.

The main part of the paper is strictly limited in space (see instructions for authors section for details) in order to keep the paper on focus and to avoid overloading the reviewers. Yet, there is no limit on the size of supplementary materials which can be put online via public repository (such as OSF.io), which may be consulted by the reviewers.


Each submission must be accompanied by a plain-language abstract of up to 200 words that presents the key points in the paper in a manner understandable by a specialist and researchers in nearby disciplines. The abstract should avoid statistical symbols whenever possible, and it must address the following:

  • Context: What is the broad context of the work? What is the importance of the general research area?
  • Inquiry: What problem or question does the paper address? How has this problem or question been addressed by others (if at all)?
  • Approach: What was done that unveiled new knowledge?
  • Knowledge: What new facts were uncovered? If the research was not results oriented, what new capabilities are enabled by the work?
  • Grounding: What argument, feasibility proof, artifacts, or results and evaluation support this work?
  • Importance: Why does this work matter?

The absence of an abstract conforming to this specification is grounds for the rejection of the paper without review.