Number 8 (2008)

Pilch, I. (2008). A Machiavellian among people. New research

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Irena Pilch
University of Silesia, Institute of Psychology
Machiavellianism is a term used to describe the dimension of personality or the strategy of social conduct that involves manipulating others for personal gain. The concept was introduced by the psychologists Richard Christie and Florence Geis in their monograph Studies in Machiavellianism (1970). Since 1970 several hundred studies examined Machiavellianism. This article presents a review of literature on Machiavellianism from 1991 to 2007, stressing those findings that have modified portraits of Machiavellian and non-Machiavellian individuals, as depicted originally by Christie and Geis.
Keywords: Machiavellianism, Machiavellian personality, Machiavellian strategy

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Pilch, I. (2008). A Machiavellian among people. New research. Psychologia Społeczna, 8, 231-242.
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