Number 22 (2012)

Olechowski, M. (2012). Crisis in psychology, psychology of crisis

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Mateusz Olechowski
Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw

In this commentary I refer to selected elements of diagnosis and recommendations presented in Jaroslaw Klebaniuk’s ‘Professor Stapel on dope. On the beautifying of social psychology’. I elaborate on issues that in my opinion require a more detailed analysis (‘questionable research practices’, ‘researcher degrees of freedom’) and I introduce new claims and guidance (statistical power, critical statistical thinking, article writing manner, short ßash reports) that seem essential to understand today’s academic psychology’s state and to heal it. I urge to actively affront this difÞcult challenge and take strong actions to end the mounting crisis in (social) psychology.

Keywords: crisis in psychology, researcher degrees of freedom, questionable research practices, statistical power, critical statistical thinking, short/flash reports

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Olechowski, M. (2012). Crisis in psychology, psychology of crisis. Psychologia Społeczna, 22, 227–233.
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